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Faculty of Medicine Suez Canal University

The Faculty of Medicine of Suez Canal University (FOM-SCU) is a community Oriented/Based, Problem-Based, Student-Centered School. It has a reputable history in the field of medical education since 1977. In 1987, it was declared as WHO Collaborating Center in Medical Education and continued to be so till now. In 2010, it was declared by the Egyptian National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education as the first accredited Higher Education Institution in Egypt.

Medical Education Department

In 2001, the Medical Education Department at the Suez Canal University (MED-SCU) was established. It was the first department to be founded in Medical Education in all the Egyptian Universities and the Arab Region. MED-SCU provides Diplomas, Masters, and PhDs in Health Professions Education, as well as short-term training courses. (Download our )