• Do I have to attend physically for any on-campus courses?

    The program is mainly on distance, except for its practical part. The practical part is in the form of attending face to face one of the mini-workshop held at the Faculty of Medicine-Suez Canal University ( one day duration), and participating actively in the Listserv activities ( a virtual e-group formed by the fellows of DHPE and the faculty. It is for discussing a certain theme in medical education each lasts two or three weeks). Fellows involvement in both activities (mini-workshops and listserv activities) allows them to be granted "bonus marks" that help them compete for the top class positions.

  • Who are the targets of the program?

    The program is designed for the Egyptian Fellows who graduated from one of the Health Professions Education Institutions -e.g. medicine, health sciences, nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, pharmacy& veterinary medicine- preferably, candidates who are working as faculty in Health Professions Education Institutions or Training Centers of the Ministry of Health

  • Will the words Distance Learning appear on the certificate?

    Distance Learning does not show on the certificate by any means.

  • How is my work assessed in the program?

    The assessment is through evaluation of the answered weekly assignment that done at home and sent on distance basis. Each assignment is evaluated by 10 marks for outstanding performance and below 6 marks indicates insufficiency of the assignment and the need to redo and resubmission.

  • what are the Admission requirements?

    In order to fulfill the registration requirements in the DHPE the following documents are necessary:
    1.  DHPE Application Form -to fill in with computer typing-
    2.  One passport-sized photograph
    3.  Original -or certified photocopies of- Higher Education Certificates
    First: electronic scanned copies of the above-mentioned documents (in a readable format; e.g. .jpg) should be sent by the e-mail to facilitate initial registration and accessibility to the blackboard and the electronic library.

    Then, the originals of these documents should be sent by regular mail to the following mailing address:
    Medical Education Department
    Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University
    Round Road, Ismailia 41111

  • How long the application Process might take?

    Few days; as upon receiving the registration fees, the copies of the documents and the filled out application form, fellows receives a user name and password as well as the package of DHPE books.

  • Is a research thesis needed as part of the Diploma program?

    No full research thesis is required, but mini-research assignments are required in some units.

  • How much is the registration fee?

    Regarding the registration fee, it is 2,000 $, which can be paid either as one payment or in two or three installment payments.
    Upon receipt of the money or the transfer document, as a scanned copy through email or Faxed, the package of DHPE books will be shipped to be in hand a few days.

  • Is there an annual starting date for the program?

    No. You can enter the programme from any point in the 7 Units cycle to end at the same point in the next year. That takes at least one year and at most three years to graduate.

  • Is it recognized by Ministry of higher Education in Egypt?

    The DHPE is recognized by the committee of medical sector of the supreme council of universities. Upon graduation, graduates will receive the original certificate which is signed by Suez Canal officials as well as a mark sheet that is signed and stamped by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    Equalization of the degree/certificate with a similar one in any country outside Egypt is the responsibility of the degree holder. He/she has to apply his documents, on individual basis, to the country authorities to be equalized.
    The DHPE is a WHO sponsored and recognized by the Regional Office of the WHO -EMRO-.