Unit 6: Scientific Thinking and Presentation Skills

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19 thoughts on “Unit 6: Scientific Thinking and Presentation Skills

  1. Nadine Alaa El Din

    Dear DHPE Team
    I had to resubmit assignment 5 of unit 6, and I did few days ago
    But still I find that only 1solution is submitted.
    So u want to make sure that my resubmission which was done on Wednesday 5th July is present on your side for re-evaluation
    Best Regards
    Nadine Sherif

    • Dr. Rabab Abdelraoof

      Dear Dr. Nadine,
      I opened the uploaded Assignment on the website and it was the old one.
      Dr. Rabab

  2. Nadine Alaa El Din

    I uploaded a new one twice, seems it is not accepted, and I always receive a message that only 1solution is submitted
    So how can I solve this problem and get my new assignment submitted? Is there a way or should I sent an email to the technical support?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Nadine Alaa El Din

    Dear Dr Rabab
    the DHPE Support team helped me in re-submitted the assignment 5 for unit 6
    may you please check it to confirm that the new solution is successfully submitted
    thank you in advance
    Best Regards
    Nadine Sherif

  4. Hemat Elsayed Mahmoud Elhorany

    Dear respected team,

    I faced a problem during uploading the assignment 5, receiving message you can’t upload empty solution. Could I attach it on coordinator email.

    Best Regards

  5. Hala Mohamed El-sayed Maklad

    dear DHPE team
    happy Ramadan
    can I know how to submit the assignment as it is the first time for me to submit through this new way.I am old student from round 7 then I make freezing. This unit is one of the two remaining units.
    i submitted my assignment yesterday by attaching the word document but I do not know what to be written in the box. please help me.

    thank you in advance

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr Hala Maklad,

      We hope this e-mail finds you well
      Kindly be informed that your assignment has been successfully uploaded on DHPE website.
      If there is any other inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us.

      Best regards,
      DHPE team

  6. Wedad Mohamed Nageeb Ahmed Saleh

    Dear Unit planner,
    Please I would like to ask about designing a presentation task required in assignment 5.
    Is choosing a topic for designing a presentation restricted to specific area? or can I choose any scientific topic to apply principles of effective presentation?

    Many thanks

    • Dr. Shaimaa El-Araby Post author

      Dear Dr. Wedad,
      Thank you for your question.
      Regarding PowerPoint presentation, it should be in relation to the discussed topic (your selected problem and questions in the first assignment) in the first module.
      Shimaa ElAraby

  7. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    Dear planner,
    Please I would like to ask about grading of my assignment 3 unit 6 which was uploaded on 27/5/2018 and not graded till now

  8. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    i have tried several times to submit video tab with presentation of Assi 5 Unit 6. but every time i failed and i want to know how can i sent it? your program can not withstand its submission .
    please inform me about the way to send it

    • Dr. Shaimaa El-Araby Post author

      Dear Dr. Abdulraman,
      I will forward your message to the DHPE Team.
      Thanks shimaa

  9. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    Dear Dr Shaimaa
    I sent presentation of Assi.5 Unit 6 which not graded till now
    and still i failed to sent video tab
    Best Regard

    • Dr. Shaimaa El-Araby Post author

      OK Dr. Abdelrahman.
      Please send us (me and Dr. Rabab) your video to our personal emails till the problem be resolved.
      Best wishes,

  10. Haidy Samir Mohamed Khalil

    Dear Dr,Shaimaa

    I have a technical problem in uploading the ppt section of the assignment 5, it is already pending & I have no access to submit a new solution. I tried several times but I failed although I have submitted other ppt in other units.
    What can I do?

  11. Ahmed Hussein

    Dear DHPE team.
    i need to resubmit assignment 5, but there is no such option in the website.
    can’t upload it.

    • Dr. Shaimaa El-Araby Post author

      Dear Dr Ahmed

      I will ask the team for the resubmission option.
      Thank you

      • Dr. Shaimaa El-Araby Post author

        Dear Dr. Ahmed,
        you can change the file name to “resubmission of assignment 5 unit 6”.

        Best wishes

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