Unit 5: Towards Quality and Accreditation in Health Professions Education

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7 thoughts on “Unit 5: Towards Quality and Accreditation in Health Professions Education

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr. Hanaa

      Could you please indicate whether those assignments were uploaded here on this website or the old website or via email?

      • Hanaa Said Elsayed Mousa

        on the old one

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr. Hanaa

      The grade center here shows only the grades of the assignments submitted here on this website. If you are concerned about your situation/grades of previous assignments, kindly send us an email @ dhpescu@gmail.com and we will be happy to reply with the requested information.

  1. Abeer Fathy Ismail salem

    Dear DHPE team
    Thanks a lot for your great effort and tremendous work
    I have some queries regarding some of the assignment of this Unit:
    Assignment 3: it is required to form a checklist for one of the NAQAAE standards specifying the main criteria for this standard. My question is as there are already specified criteria for each standard stated by the NAQAAE; do we have to use these criteria, or to formulate other criteria based on our own understanding of the standard or what?
    Assignment 4: it is required to do internal audit for the self report study of our institutes; what if, for any reason, we do not have an access for this report? could we work on any available report? or would you help by providing us with a model report to work upon?
    Assignment 5: It is supposed to be group work, is it accepted to do it as an individual work?
    Thanks again and waiting for your comments

    • Prof. Wagdy Talaat Post author

      Dear Dr.Abeer Fathy
      Thank you very much for your very smart inquiries, and thank you for drawing your attention to the technical errors that happened in uploading an older version of this particular unit 5.
      We will upload the right updated version of unit 5 in 24 to 48 hours with a totally different assignment 3.
      In relevance to assignment 4, there would be no problem in working on October 6 self study (you can find a Dropbox link for it within the references section.
      In relevance to ass.5, no problem if you decided to work individually on this assignment provided that you will let your group (in case you have a group) know that.
      Best wishes
      Wagdy Talaat

      • Abeer Fathy Ismail salem

        Thanks Prof. Wagdy for your prompt response and thank you all for your great effort

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