Unit 4: Measuring Health Professions Competencies

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12 thoughts on “Unit 4: Measuring Health Professions Competencies

  1. Marwa Mohamed Ahmed Adly Zalat

    Dear DHPE,
    I didn’t receive any feedback on unit 4 till now except assignment 1, 2 on the old website, but still also not present in my grade center. Actually, i uploaded assignment 3,4,6,5,6 here (new web).

    • Dr. Asmaa Abdelnasser

      Dear Dr Marwa
      I hope you are doing well.
      Kindly be noted that the newly uploaded assignments will be evaluated very soon and feedback will be inserted inside the grade center of unit 4
      Regarding the old grade of assignments 1 and 2 in unit 4 will be uploaded by the DHPE team.
      Best wishes
      Dr Asmaa

  2. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    Prof. Hani Wrote the following note on my Assi 1 unit 4.
    (R10_DHPE_FB_Ass 1_Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat)
    This mean that i must write like that in the beginning of each assi? and what is the meaning of abbreviation FB?

  3. Elsayed Mohamed Abdelkreem

    Dear DHPE team

    I submitted the solution for assignment 2 without attaching the word file, and I could not upload the file.
    Please, help me to attach the solution (as a word file) for assignment 2

  4. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    I didn’t receive feed back regarding submission of Assi 2,3 and 4 Module 4 since 14.3.2018, 19.3.2018 and 22.3 2018 respectively till now

  5. Eman Ali Mohamed Khalifa

    Dear DHPE team, I did not receive any feedback about any submitted assignment in unit 4, I have submitted 5 assignments, one every week but there were no feedback up till now
    thank you

  6. Abeer Fathy Ismail salem

    Dear DHPE team;
    I haven’t received any feedback on the submitted assignments of this module
    I uploaded the assignments on the web site, do i have to send by e mail also or what is the problem
    Waiting for your earliest reply
    Much obliged

  7. Elsayed Mohammed Abdelkreem

    Dear DHPE team
    Please, note that my submitted assignments for unit 4 have not been graded yet, and I have not received any feedback.
    Thank you

  8. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    My Assignment 3 unit 4 was rejected , can you inform me about my mistakes to correct and resubmit
    Thanks A lot

  9. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    Dear DHPE team, I did not receive any feedback or grading about my Re- submission of assignment 3 unit 4

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