Unit 2: Learning Environment and Curriculum Development in Health Professions Education

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22 thoughts on “Unit 2: Learning Environment and Curriculum Development in Health Professions Education

  1. Tahani Ismail Farag Ali

    Dear dhpe team , in group assignments all group members are required to upload assignment or one only can do ?

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr. Tahani Ismail,

      Kindly be noted that the group assignment should be submitted on individual basis mentioning that it is a group assigmnent on the cover page.

      Best wishes,

      DHPE Team

    • Medical Education Department

      Hello Dr. Iman

      Your submitted assignment has been received and we are waiting for the block planner to grade your assignment.

  2. Rasha Ahmed Mohamed ElMansy

    are previously graded assignments must be uploaded again on the new system again or not

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr. Rasha

      No! All graded assignments are done and there is no need to upload them again here.

  3. Samah Hassan Soliman Yahia

    Dear DHPE team, regretfully I have not received the evaluations of some assignments of units 1 &2 so far.Although, all assignments of both units have been uploaded on the old web site on time and by email then you asked me to upload unit’s 1 assignments on the new one and it has been actually. I emailed you many times to confirm if you have received these assignments or not but in vain.!!!!!! Could you please view the old & new evaluations of these two units on my grade center on the new web site?.
    I hope you can give me a relieving answer to my inquiries .
    Thank you in advance.

    • Dr. Amira Farghaly

      Dear Dr. Samah,
      I hope you are doing well.
      I wish to reassure you that we received all your assignments in Unit 1, and that we scored 5 of them. Still the 6th to be scored. I will check your problem with the colleagues in the management team. Probably it will be caused by group assignments that have to be scored for all the members of the same group. Will get back to you soon.
      Best wishes
      Amira farghaly

  4. iman Khaled

    Kindly I submitted all 6 assignments of this unit
    Are they ALL received please?
    Any feedback or evaluation ?

    Thanks a lot

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr. Iman

      All submitted assignments are acknowledged automatically by the website after you upload your assignment. You should see submitted solution in the area of the assignment in each module. Feedback will be submitted soon and you will be able to see your grade in the grade center.

  5. Tahani Ismail Farag Ali

    Dear Dhpe team , hope this mail finds you very well .

    I have sent all assignment of unit 2 ,but no evaluation was sent till now.

  6. Dina Abdel-Karim Abdel-Wahab Ali

    Dear DHPE team
    i have uploaded unit 2 assignments but i didn’t get any note regarding their evaluation
    thank you a lot

  7. Enas Mohamed Ameen Mostafa

    Dear dhpe team,

    Plz, I have previously submitted the 6 assignments of this unit

    I have been waiting for them to be graded but no grades till now

    Can I inquire when will the assignments be graded?

    Many thanks,


  8. Eman Ali Mohamed Khalifa

    please, I am asking about uploading in group assignment…..Each member of the group should upload the same assignment on his page or only one member is enough

    • Prof. Wagdy Talaat

      Dear Dr.Eman
      All group assignments from all members of the group should be submitted and uploaded on the blackboard at the same time (serially if possible ورا بعض ) as long as they are submitted in on the DHPE answer sheet and noting that this is a group assignments with all the names on it (the way you all did it)
      Best wishes
      Wagdy Talaat

  9. Eman Ali Mohamed Khalifa

    Dear DHPE team, I did not receive any feedback about any submitted assignment in unit 2, I have submitted 5 assignments, but there were no feedback up till now
    thank you

  10. Eman Ali Mohamed Khalifa

    Dear DHPE team
    I submitted all the assignments of unit 2 about 2 months ago and did not recieve any feedback up till now

  11. Noha Elsayed Hassan Farag

    Dear DHPE team
    I submitted the remaining of my unit 2 assignments about one months ago and I didn’t receive any feedback till now.
    Noha Elsayed Hassan Farag

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr. Noha Farag,

      Kindly be informed that your assignments will be graded as soon as possible.

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

      DHPE team

  12. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    Dear DHPE team
    I submitted 4 assignment in unit 2 and i didn’t receive any feedback till now. and last one close to finish and i will send it within 2 days
    Abdulrahman Alshahhat mohamad

  13. Ahmed Abd El-Moniem Ragab Elsayed

    Dear colleagues:
    The feedback of Unit 2: Assignment 2 is not present.
    Thank you in advance

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