Unit 1: Leadership and management in health professions education

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20 thoughts on “Unit 1: Leadership and management in health professions education

  1. Samah Hassan Soliman Yahia

    Dear DHPE team ,you have to be informed that I have been evaluated before for this unit for assignment 1&2 only.

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr. Samah,

      If you have been evaluated for any particular assignment and received its feedback, there is no need to upload those assignments. Kindly upload the ones that were not graded by the unit planner.

  2. Hemat Elsayed Mahmoud Elhorany

    Dear Respected team,
    I uploaded all assignments of this unit, and received feedback for them except ass. 6.
    Could I upload it again?.


    • Dr. Amira Farghaly

      Good morning Dr. Hemat,
      Please upload it once more as I cannot find it.

      Good day
      Dr. Amira Farghaly

  3. Hemat Elsayed Mahmoud Elhorany

    Good morning Dr. Amira

    Thanks, I am appreciating your care and effort. I uploaded the assignment 6

    Best Regards

  4. manar soliman

    dear dhpe team , i cant find the download icon for the main reference as a guide in this unit

    • Medical Education Department

      Dear Dr. Manar

      Kindly note that references can be found in each individual module and NOT in the main unit’s page. Please, navigate to each module and you will find the necessary downloadable links for all the references.

  5. Marwa Hussein Mohamed elsheikh

    Dear DHPE team,
    I submitted assignment 1,2,3, and 4 for this unit, and I didn’t receive any feedback for them.
    best wishes.

    • Dr. Amira Farghaly

      Dear Dr. Marwa,
      You will receive the feedback soon ISA.

      Dr. Amira Farghaly

  6. Eman Ali Mohamed Khalifa

    Dear Dr. Yasser and Dr. Amira , thank you for your evaluation of all assignments, but I have received the result and feedback of assignment 4 with another name. I think it is an accidental mistake. Please, I am waiting for my result in assignment 4.
    Thank you

  7. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    Dear Dr. Yasser and Dr. Amira
    my assignment 3,4,5 unit 1 not graded till now. i would like to know if their any problems in my uploading to solve the problem’
    thanks a lot

    • Dr. Amira Farghaly

      Dear Dr. AbdulRahman
      Greetins for Eid Al Fitr
      You can find the scores for these assignments now in the gradebook.

      Best regards.
      Amira Farghaly

  8. Abdulrahman Al-Shahhat Mohamad Khaliel

    Dear Dr Amira
    My resubmission of Assi. 5 and Assi. 6 not be graded till now.
    Best regard

  9. Hala Mohammad Fathi

    Dear Dr. Amira
    We uploaded assignment 3, but not marked until now. We are waiting to submit the 3 group assignments. Thank you

    • Dr. Amira Farghaly

      Dear Dr. Hala,
      I hope you are doing well.
      You will find the feedback soon ISA, so that you continue the submission.

      Best wishes

  10. Ahmed Abd El-Moniem Ragab Elsayed

    Dear Dr.Amira:
    I hope to hear the feedback soon,
    Best regards

  11. Abeer Fathy Ismail salem

    Dear DHPE team,
    Greetings and thanks for your great effort
    I have submitted the assignments for module 1, 2 and 3
    I have not received any feedback yet
    Hope you can give me your feedback and comments as early as possible to be able to proceed to the other assignment as this Unit 1 is about to end
    Best regards

    • Dr. Amira Farghaly

      Thank you Dr. Abeer,
      You will receive the feedback soon ISA.

      Best wishes

      • Abeer Fathy Ismail salem

        Thanks Dr Amira for revising and providing feedback on assignment 1 &2
        I have submitted the assignment for modules 3, 4, 5 & 6
        I am waiting for valuable comments
        Appreciating your great efforts
        Best regards

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